Generate customized reports effortlessly

HR reporting tools empower you to make informed decisions proactively, providing comprehensive graphs and analytics based on different parameters.

Our Features

Transform your company's data into actionable insights by crafting personalized reports.

Select from an array of analytics to craft personalized reports that provide real-time updates. You can effortlessly download reports in various formats such as CSV, Excel, PDF, and more, and directly send them to your recipients. Our HR reporting tools enable you to edit your reports in real-time, ensuring they align precisely with your requirements.

Struggling to locate specific information in pre-existing reports? Design and modify comprehensive report templates with your data using preferred custom filters, which can be saved for future use. Leverage robust HR dashboard metrics to make organization-specific data-driven decisions through reports covering payroll, performance, attendance, recruitment, and beyond.

Are your managers required to generate reports daily or during non-peak hours? If that’s the case, report scheduling becomes essential. Yet, manually setting up report schedules can be quite cumbersome. Thankfully, our report scheduler simplifies this process. With just a few taps, you can conveniently schedule all your reports using a single powerful tool.