Reports Management Software

Report Management Software in RetailLync’s Distribution Management System (DMS) is designed to empower retail businesses with the ability to efficiently analyze, visualize, and utilize data across their distribution channels. This comprehensive module supports decision-making by offering real-time insights into inventory, logistics, sales, and overall operational performance. RetailLync’s DMS integrates seamlessly with existing systems to provide a robust reporting framework that is both scalable and user-friendly.


What we do

Empower managers and executives with data-driven insights that enhance decision-making capabilities, leading to more effective strategies and improved operational efficiency. Reduce manual data handling through automation, thereby freeing up resources for more strategic tasks that add value to the business. RetaiLync Identifies inefficiencies and bottlenecks within the distribution chain that can be addressed to reduce costs and improve profitability.


Credit Ageing Report

Provides detailed insights into the age of outstanding debts, helping businesses prioritize collections and manage credit risk effectively.

Booking and Execution Report

Real-time updates on the status of orders from booking through to execution, ensuring transparency and efficiency in order fulfillment.

Order Booker Report

Tracks the geographic and demographic coverage of order bookers, providing insights into market penetration and opportunities for expansion.

Retailer Report

Delivers comprehensive analysis of sales data by retailer, offering insights into consumer purchasing patterns and product popularity.

Gross and Net Margin Report

Breaks down revenue by product and category to reveal gross and net margins, helping businesses identify the most profitable items.

Stock Movement Report

Analyzes the rate at which stock is sold and replaced over a period, aiding in the optimization of inventory levels to match sales patterns.

What we offer

Retailync provides you with the insight, visibility, and control for both primary and secondary sales.

Access customizable, real-time reports and analytics to make informed decisions quickly and monitor your business health efficiently.

Seamlessly integrate with existing ERP systems, automate critical processes, and maintain optimal inventory with our sophisticated management tools.

Leverage detailed financial insights and market analytics to drive growth, optimize operations, and enhance customer satisfaction through strategic decision-making.

Frequently Asked Questions

additional info

Distribution management software is an all-encompassing solution that empowers businesses to efficiently oversee and optimize their distribution network. It facilitates the streamlining of critical operations including supply chain management, purchasing, sales, inventory management, accounting, returns handling, order processing, and management of promotional offers. By integrating these functions within a unified software platform, businesses can elevate their efficiency, bolster profitability, and gain superior control over their distribution operations.

Leveraging distribution management software provides numerous advantages, including heightened operational efficiency, superior inventory management, enhanced order precision, heightened visibility throughout the distribution network, and streamlined processes resulting in cost-effectiveness.

Indeed, Retailync stands as a comprehensive distribution management software, meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrate with existing systems like ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and other related software. This ensures a smooth data flow and eradicates the necessity for manual data entry.

Yes, distribution management software commonly incorporates multi-location capabilities, enabling businesses to effectively oversee and monitor inventory, sales, and orders across various warehouses or distribution centers.