Manage Complete Employee Life Cycle

Equip your HR team to handle any situation with Resourcetracks extensive suite of features, meticulously crafted to enhance and streamline HR operations to unprecedented levels.

Our Features

Tailored Scalability: Your Needs, Our Tracked Success

Precisely target candidates by crafting well-defined job descriptions on prominent job sites and social networks such as LinkedIn. Our streamlined applicant tracking system eliminates the need for manual candidate tracking, while seamlessly integrating your job postings with your website’s career page to amplify visibility.

Bypassing through countless resumes and pinpointing the elite few can be an extensive process. Expedite your journey by extracting and evaluating crucial information from resumes, ensuring the selection of the most fitting candidate. Initiate your journey on a strong foundation with this approach.

From job posting, interview schedules to assessment ratings and onboarding metrics, access everything from a unified source. As you progress through the hiring journey, our effective recruitment tracking empowers you to conveniently observe and manage critical data, aiding you in making well-informed decisions.

Secure your top talent before competitors with prompt offer letter issuance. Initiate a swift start by delivering offer letters via email. Enhance your approach further with customizable offer templates through our letter management feature, allowing you to save templates for future utilization.