Seamless Global Expansion

The multi-company functionalities seamlessly incorporate company-specific fields into all HR-related records.

Our Features

No matter what continent, language, or country – we’re here to help your businesses grow!

In the context of a parent company with global subsidiaries, precise financial and operational data holds immense importance. Our multi-company management system enables the parent company to access up-to-the-minute information regarding its dispersed subsidiaries, irrespective of their geographical locations.

Efficiently Handle Multi-Currency Business Finances. Resourcetracks empowers your business with real-time tracking, management controls, and the capability to conduct transactions in various currencies. Streamline the tracking, management, and processing of international payroll tasks securely through our unified human resource platform.

In an interconnected world, language should be inclusive while engaging with employees. Embrace a global perspective with our integrated multilingual HR system. Break down communication barriers between HR and employees by granting them the choice to use their preferred language.

The HR dashboard is the single source of truth for HR, enabling it to monitor key HR metrics and KPIs with the ability to drill down into details. We offer customizable dashboards to provide transparency across your workforce in just a few clicks.